TransCityRail Event – Connecting the UK Midlands

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BPP-TECH attended TransCityRail (TCR), VOX centre in Birmingham. Our aim was to increase our understanding of the rail sector and to learn about potential contracts coming up in the next 3 – 5 years. Specifically, we introduced our BPP-InSight service that uses our in-house tool CAST to stress test project plans. This service has been developed by BPP over the years working in the Energy Insurance Sector.

Some interesting facts learned from the day include:

  • West Midland Trains manage about 70 million journeys per year.
  • The East Japan Railway company (part owner of West Midland Trains) manage 17 million journeys per week.
  • Shinjuku Train Station in Japan carries 3.6 million passengers per day.
  • The average lateness of a train in Japan is < 1 minute.
  • Network Rail use tracks with a length of up to 216 m.
  • 90,000 miles of track can be replaced or laid in one year.

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