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For components such as transformers, switch gear, motors, circuit breakers and electrical cables.

Inspections of industrial electrical components both on site and at BPP-TECH’s inspection laboratories. This can be supplemented by fault-finding, failure causation assessments and forensic investigations.

In addition, BPP-TECH’s subsidiary BPP-Cables specialises in inspections of failed low, medium and high voltage land-based and subsea power cables.

  • Inspection and documenting electrical component failures
  • Megger insulation testing
  • Root cause fault and failure investigations
  • Third party witnessing of manufacturing, testing and operation
  • Services for equipment replacement

Electrical Inspection


Mechanical Inspection

For new build, defective and failed machinery and components used in all sectors including power generation (rail, utilities, manufacturing and process industries).


Structural Inspection

For integrity evaluation of steel, concrete and composite structures that are prone to the onset of fatigue and corrosion.


Marine and Offshore Inspection

We regularly engage in marine and offshore surveys to report on critical areas for aged assets, including maintenance, integrity management and safety management.


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