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Marine and offshore surveys for new and ageing assets, including maintenance, integrity and safety management.

BPP-TECH has a long track record of offshore inspections for exploration drilling, oil production and loading terminals. Its engineers are qualified and certified for working offshore and can be deployed at short notice to UK, EU and world-wide waters.

BPP-TECH engineers also act as third-party independent inspectors for equipment manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning.

  • OPITO and GWO certified engineers enabling work offshore
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Oversight of installation campaigns
  • Risk management surveys
  • Development and assessment of safety management systems
  • Failure investigation
  • Client representation

Electrical Inspection

For components such as transformers, switch gear, motors, circuit breakers and electrical cables.


Mechanical Inspection

For new build, defective and failed machinery and components used in all sectors including power generation (rail, utilities, manufacturing and process industries).


Structural Inspection

For integrity evaluation of steel, concrete and composite structures that are prone to the onset of fatigue and corrosion.


Marine and Offshore Inspection


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