BPP-TECH was engaged as an independent witness to attend the inspection of a damaged export cable currently undergoing installation.

Following receipt of background information, BPP-TECH mobilised an engineer to site to witness operations, carry out a visual condition survey, and to report on the suitability of the inspection carried out by the cable supplier, and any proposed remedial works.

Inspection and temporary partial repair of defects was witnessed and photographed. During initial discussion, and after viewing the damage, it became clear that the cable had suffered significant damage during the installation process.

Partial repairs were completed by the manufacturer’s personnel in accordance with the site approved documentation to preserve the present status of the cable as far as possible. The damage witnessed was considered by the BPP-TECH engineer to be substantial. This was agreed with all parties.

A temporary repair was carried out to preserve the cable at its current state until a firm decision on how to proceed was made. A repair campaign commenced in due time.